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Bhujang means cobra in sanskrit. The body in this pose resembles like a striking cobra or serpent. This is why the name of this poses.
lie flat on stomach facing downwards. Relax all the muscles. Place the palms in side of shoulders on the ground.
Inhale; press the palms firmly on the ground and raise the trunk up. Spine gets arch shape. Stay in this pose as long as easily possible with attentive mind and normal breath. Then slowly bring down the head to its original position.
Person with hernia, ulcer and colitis shoulder avoid practicing this pose.
It is a panacea for an injured spine and displacement of disc is cured by the practice of this pose. It relieves back pain, lumbago and myalgia of the back.
- It is very useful for ladies in toning their ovaries and uterus. Deliveries will be normal and easy.
-it is a boon for abdominal disorders also.